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Paula Anderson & Sharlene Reynolds ~ LifeMark Health Daniels Kimber Physiotherapy

Paula Anderson, Sharlene Reynolds and Garnette Weber are physiotherapists working at LifeMark Health Daniels Kimber Physiotherapy. Together they have over 40 years of combined experience specializing in women’s health.

Their focus areas include the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and prenatal/postpartum rehabilitation. They offer both one-on-one assessment and treatment as well as a group exercise and education class. The Postpartum Health for Moms Program or “Get Your Body Back After Baby” began in 2005 and has helped hundreds of postpartum women activate their core muscles and "put themselves back together."

"It’s natural to rehabilitate yourself after a shoulder or knee injury prior to returning to tennis or running, so why wouldn’t you rehabilitate yourself after having a baby?" Paula says. "Many muscles are under great strain and get weak during nine months of pregnancy, not to mention those that are damaged during childbirth."

Sharlene adds that "Many women are eager to get back into pre-pregnancy shape and return to previous recreational pursuits, but without properly rehabilitating weak muscles, they are at risk for injury. Unfortunately, many women are not given exercises that effectively target post-partum problem areas, so they can end up compensating with other muscles, further breaking down the body over time."

Seeking a physiotherapist trained in this type of rehabilitation can teach you to re-activate your pelvic floor, deep abdominals and lower back muscles, which will assist in avoiding compensation strategies. Restoring proper muscle balance will allow you to return to your previous pursuits and prevent future problems.

The Postpartum Health for Mom’s Program runs for eight weeks and the next session is beginning in mid-September. For more information please contact LifeMark Health Daniels Kimber Physiotherapy at 652-5151.