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Marlese Assman ~ Demetria Organics

Demetria Organics was born out of the desire to create an assortment of organic and natural products without the adverse effects associated with ordinary store bought items.

Marlese Assman, the compassionate mind behind the Demetria Organics brand, has gone to great lengths to carry and distribute products of the highest quality, containing whole ingredients for the benefit of the entire body.

Marlese sought out all-natural alternatives for nearly everything in her household. After extensive research and personal experimentation, her appreciation for these alternatives and her passion for sustainability directly led to the creation of Demetria Organics.

Demetria Organics takes pride in enabling the workers to be paid and treated fairly and to enjoy further opportunities that enrich their quality of life.

"Demetria Organics has created a symbiotic relationship between the growth and distribution of all of its organic items," Marlese said. "Our company is dedicated to the continuing struggle towards environmental sustainability and ensuring our bodies remain as natural as the day we were born."