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Laura Monchuk ~ Saskmom Productions

Laura Monchuk is a work-from-home mom and the owner of Saskmom Productions. One of the organization's flagship projects is is updated daily with 100 percent local information about events, businesses, resources and other things going on in Saskatoon that are parent-friendly or child-centered. New parents will especially love’s 365 Saskatoon Baby Adventures, ideas for getting out and about with your little one in Saskatoon.

"The dream was conceived while I was pregnant with my son," Laura says. "I hungered for information, resources and connections with other parents in the same way I craved spaghetti for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the time."

As an inquisitive journalist, Laura is determined to unearth and pass along the latest local information for parents of any age or stage. She has designed, and its Facebook and Twitter pages, to be an extension of word-of-mouth to help create buzz about local kid-friendly information among fellow parents.

"It is my desire to use my passions for writing and research for the common good and for the good of my own family," Laura says.  "It is my hope that my dream will positively impact my community -- that it will empower those who care for the children of Saskatoon, will inspire local pride and will help connect parents in our community through shared experiences."