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Chantal Banda ~ Harmony Souls

Chantal Banda is a Saskatoon mother of two and owner of Harmony Souls: Yoga & Products for Peaceful Living.

When her first child, Luke, was born, Chantal’s life focus shifted from her previous career as a research scientist studying diabetes, to motherhood. She found that family life and fellowship with other new moms became something that she truly cherished. She also found the need of a third hand.

“With newborn Luke needing lots of holding and cuddling, I was having a challenging time figuring out how to manage life without the use of both hands,” Chantal said. “I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make myself a baby carrier that would fit my needs. The carrier I created was great! It was stylish, kept baby close and happy and most importantly was comfortable for me.”

This creation opened up a stream of creativity for Chantal. During nap times, she would bring her sewing machine out on the kitchen table and create meditation cushions, rejuvenating eye pillows, imaginative play scarves and, of course, safe and stylish baby carriers.

She also desired to promote health and harmony by sharing her love of yoga with pregnant women and new moms.

“By connecting with new mothers at all stages of their mothering journeys it is my sincere desire to help bring peace, love and happiness into their lives – be it from a great yoga stretch that gets to the source of muscles that are tight from holding a baby, or from a friendly smile and the possibility of connecting with another mom who is at the same place in life,” Chantal said. “I hope that Harmony Souls products and classes are that special little something that helps to bring peace and allows my clients to experience joy at the same time.”